Sunday, April 6, 2014

Another storm means another roof

Thursday night we a a pretty bad storm and was waken by a roar and vibration about 11:30-12:00. It was pouring rain and I am not sure if it wind or a small tornado, but I grabbed the dogs and cat put them in crates and stuck them in the bathroom.  The roar was gone so DH and I went to see what happened outside..  We saw the roof, well about 30 ft of it blown across the house to the front yard and it landed on the dog pen fence. Oh yea!  I had to block off so the dogs couldn't go outside and we were headed back it bed, nothing we could do at midnight in pouring rain, right...  I went to get back in bed and it was wet... Water dripping in at the seams of the ceiling tiles, so we move the bed..  Another attempt and here we go again, another spot dripping...move the bed again.. And of course it is only my side that is  Let the dogs and cat out of the crates and back to bed we go....

So the next was what we found..  We lost about 20 trees around our place and they are laying north, south and east....

We had to pull this off the fence to keep the dogs in..
This one fell east

This one fell north and south...  It is hard to see but the clump of green to the left use to be taller than the tree standing in the center..

So a new roof is coming....what color do I want????  I'm leaning towards Hunter green...or tan???

The maing thing is we are safe.  I am thankful to have  DH that can fix this..  And our daughter needed firewood for next winter so they came to visit and do some cleanup..

Saturday, March 29, 2014

For my beach buddy

It has been 11 years since we have met up at the beach.  Way too long!  I am making this for my BFF Becky. She will be surprised. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Retreat Drawing Near

It looks like we've all been too busy (and/or sick) to do much posting of late.   But a bit of Spring has finally arrived and that should perk us up and get us going again.   Our 7th Pickle Patch Retreat is less than 6 weeks away and we are all getting excited about that.  I haven't decided what I will take to work on but  I cut my "Blue Hawaii" strips for the "Guess How Many Strips" contest just last week and have my blocks ready for the "Charming 1-Patch" drawing.  I plan to go out to the campground today and measure the workroom (again) today.  I seem to have misplaced my floor plan sketch that showed where the electrical outlets are located so must make another one.  I will arrange the tables in a slightly different layout this time and need to know for sure where the outlets are located.  I don't want to have to tape any more electrical cords to the floor than necessary.  At my age, that's not an easy task!   Thank goodness for Peggy!   She is a huge help and it's a blessing to have our hubby's support and help as well.  Last week I made my usual "pre-shopping" price check trip to WalMart so I have a pretty good estimate of what our food costs will be.  Our cook, Sheila, is on board and was okay with the meal plan.   She plans to bring some homemade jam to go with our Saturday breakfast.   I have recruited 2 volunteers to take charge of the contests.  Preparations are going well.  Annie is happy!