Monday, November 4, 2013

Retreat Project, Mini Lone Star, Mini Prairie Moon & Stars

I've made two test blocks for the McCall's "Blue Breeze" retreat project.   I am going to make mine in Pink & White.  I've got to find the name for this block.   Of course I want to try making it in miniature.

I finished quilting & binding this miniature Lone Star last night.  Now I just have to sew the sleeve in place.  It is 11 1/8" square overall.  Why doesn't it look square in the pic???  

Here's the finished top for the Prairie Moon & Stars -  Another mini.   It's about 12" X 14 1/2".   I'm considering taking out and replacing the dark block in the lower right corner.    

I'll be asking the Tue night Pickles to be guinea pigs and taste test a new appetizer recipe tomorrow night. We don't often bring cooked food but this will be like a snack.  It's a bread & cheese thing.  Hope it's yummy.