Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back To Square One: August

Her is how my quilt is shaping up. I am really loving how this is looking and I am happy with my color choices. I was a little unsure at first but I like them now. I can't wait for the next clue.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Plans......changed

My DH was out if town Friday and Saturday do I was going to be home alone. I had big plans for making progress on some blocks. But I got a text from DD asking if I wanted the grandson for the weekend......  Well duh. So as soon as I got off work I headed to meet them.  

Cayden and I have had so much fun. We have talked, walked, blown a zillion bubbles, played with the dogs, jumped on the mini trampoline, played with trucks and rocks, played with the "wizard" the cat brought in, played in the creek, and I piggy backed him around our property. (The grass was almost taller them me.). And he helped cook dinner. Salmon patties and green beans. The boy can eat his weight in green beans. 

He was pretty excited when Pop Pop got home from his trip. He ask if it was him each time we heard the sound of a car. 

He has grown so in the last two/three weeks. And he is loving school (a teaching daycare). 

Today, he goes home to mom and this Mimi will sure miss him.   But he is excited because we are meeting Mom at Uncle Andrew and Aunt Casey's house. He just loves them so much and talks about them all the time. 

It just amazes me how much a child soaks up an remembers. Seems like when my kiddos were this age I was so busy just trying to make ends meet as a single mom I missed so much if them growing and learning.  

I do have to admit. I am sick of the word. WHY. I would be rich if I had a quarter for every time I have heard it in the last two days.  Lol

Sewing will resume probably Monday.  Today when we get home will be a day of rest.   Much needed rest.  

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Kit Block 2 and Revised Block 1

I decided to remove the striped fabric from block 1.   It now has a new look and it is not constructed very well but I did the best I could after ripping out the block and starting over.   I have completed blocks 2 and 3.  They are just alike.  I've decided to change one of the inner borders - I'll replace the striped fabric with a different purple print that I had on hand and it coordinates well.   Block 1 is the one with purple blender.  The blocks are 15 1/2" unfinished.

I found this little house block on McCalls website today.  I think it's too cute - wouldn't some tall pine trees (made from flying geese be cute next to this house.   The house is 5" X 10".

I went to Mama's Log House this past Wednesday in order to use my gift certificate.   Found just what I was looking for and asked for (and received) a couple of NICE door prizes for the retreat.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Quilt Kit Block # 1

This is the first block in my quilt kit from McCalls clearance.  I don't think I want to fussy cut stripes ever again!   But I think I'm going to love the quilt so I guess the extra cutting time will be worth it.  Everything is cut and blocks 2 and 3 are underway.  Blocks 2 & 3 are the same but are not like block number 1.  The instructions specifically stated to cut the stripes certain ways so they will "match up" properly.   For some reason, unknown to me, the instructions for cutting the smaller triangles in this block did not specify fussy cutting them and I'm a little annoyed that they don't match up with the larger triangle.  This block goes in the very center of the quilt and I'll probably always notice the strips being off.  I could rip it out, cut 8 more smaller triangles and see if I can get them to match the larger ones.  I don't think I have enough striped fabric left to cut more large ones.

Only 5 weeks until our Fall retreat.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ripping complete

Another one bites the dust.     


I got my charm along together Tuesday night. Got home showed my DH. and apparently I picked up the halves wrong and sewed it together. The center looks cool but it is wrong do I have to rip it out. Darn. I hate ripping.    

Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday sewing

I made progress Sunday morning and I had big plans for sewing after church. After a short nap I planned to get a lot done. Well that didn't happen. We had some big thunder and bright hot sunshine and lost power, apparently everyone did, for 4 + hours.  It finally came back on about 7:00 ish.   Oh well. Hubby said God knew I needed to rest.  And I did.    But tonight I've got some sewing to finish.    I am almost done with my quilt top. And then I have to get that baby quilt put together.   

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday progress.. Sunday completion. Well I hope anyway..

I was able to get the five blocks completed for what will be a quilt for "Ely Owen Loyd". He should make his first appearance in November.  We are all anxious to meet him.  I have decided how I am going to lay it all out by adding a thin border to 10" blocks from a layer cake matching the print fabric to make it a 3 x 3 layout.  I also have a plan for the back. I just hope I have enough of the print fabric to get it made.  Hopefully today I will get that completed and sewn together.

However, I have to finish sewing the rows together to for second half of the diamond blocks.  I had worked so hard getting all 10 rows layer out and my doggies came to visit. And you know how they are.... any fabric on the floor they have to lay on it..  Yep they made a mess and I had to redo my layout.  But I got things pinned together so it should go faster.  I hope it does anyway.

And I have to get to my quilter and practice practice practice.

Well if I am going to get all this done today I better get started.  Have a blessed day.  


Friday, August 9, 2013

Top laid out

I finish laying out my in progress "soaked" quilt top. Ready to get it sewn together for another finish. It will be 50 x 62. The extra pieces made 5 12" blocks. So I have to do some designing to finish it out.  For a small top.  This has been covering my cutting area for weeks now. So ready to finish this one so I can get on with my A4A blocks.  This picture is just half of the top. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Marylin's crocheted quilt

One thousand seventy three  2  1/2" squares. 

Didn't she do a wonderful job. 

Liam's quilt

This is the finished product! I decided to tie it since I am so not good with quilting. I then went ahead and sewed a quarter inch around the outside edge and on the inside. I liked how it turned out after stressing about it for so long. Kristen was happy with it and that is all that matters.

Monday, August 5, 2013

No sewing weekend

But I did get to see my lil man and his momma and my momma too.