Wednesday, May 29, 2013

No-reply blogger

Well our friend Richard at Richard and Tanya Quilts informed me that I was set as a no-reply blogger. He has helped me figure it out and I think I have that fixed. I have taken the google+ linking off and I think that will fix it. I hope so anyway.  I was afraid you other ladies who contribute would be running into the same thing.  And I didn't want to cause y'all any grief .  You all want to be able to enter giveaways with no problems.  Right.   ;-)

I apologize if this has been an issue for y'all.  Maybe we are fixed.   You know the newest thing isn't always the best.

Thanks Richard.....


RSC13 May

May 28, 2013

We had many beautiful quilts shown last night.  I got a few pictures, but it seems I have filled my I have to move them to the computer so I can fill it up again..  Here are the ones I could get pictures of.  

This is Barbara's crazy nine patch from retreat.

Susan made a crazy nine patch without smashing in blues and brown sit was beautiful. I didn't get a picture. :-(

This one is Sharon's Roll Roll Cotton Bowl a Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I love this border.

This one is Linda's. It was given to her by family and is hand stitched. It will set 9 x 11. Linda only needs to make 2 four patch blocks to have them complete and be able to start sewing it together.  Isn't it beautiful.

I look forward to our next retreat in September. Hopefully I will have my Merry Go Round finished and something new in progress...

I can't believe it is practically June.  I need to get some tops quilted......I will never make my goal of a quilt for my family members for Christmas at this rate.   I'm just half way thru them.  And they are mostly from scraps.  Trying real hard not to buy fabric.  ;-)