Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Voting for Show and Tell on Quilting Gallery

Voting begins Friday on Quilting Gallery's Show and Tell for the Quilt for Dad/Guys. 

Please use the link on the left side of our page and go vote. You could win a prize and I could too, if I win.  

Thanks for your help. 


My first contest entry

I entered my Jelly Roll Surprise in the Quilting Gallery Show and Tell contest, Quilts for Dad/guys.  I think it will be viewable Thursday or Friday.  

It is just a top now but someday it will be completed for my DH. I started by adding a 6 inch strip to each of the jelly roll strips, sewed it up with no clue where I would go.  It wasn't large enough like that so I did the me thing. Lol. I folded it up, smoothed it out, laid my 16 inch square on top and cut.  Then I found the tan in my stash, thanks mom, and cut 16 inch blocks, threw it all on the floor to get my design.  I had just a small section of jelly roll from cutting the blocks, so I decided to use it for the top.  In all I ended up with one 6" x 2.5" piece left over.

Initially I was making for my brother, but my hubs saw it and said it was his.  Now to make a back and get it quilted.  Someday......

Excuse the wrinkles. I just unfolded it to take a picture....