Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Easy Street

Well I had hoped to stay on track thru the holidays but that did not seen to work out for me.  I did however get all the steps printed out.

Last night I completed the cutting out of everything. Well i might have to cut some more of the lack on white to get enough bricks.  I didn't want to go overboard with cutting.   Now to just start sewing on step 4 to the end.

I am so excited to see this come together.  I have to admit if I had seen the finished product I would probably never even started.  I just love how Bonnie Hunter breaks the steps out to manageable parts so it is not so overwhelming for folks like me.  I hate huge quantities of pieces but I love big blocks.

I will post my finished product just as soon as it becomes FINISHED..   ; ~)      I am hoping to be able to link the finished top on Monday.. Wish me luck..



I see our friend and fellow Pickle, Bobbie, at a Bonnie Hunter workshop in McKinney, TX.

Bobbie we can't wait to hear about your trip...  And by the way, I am jealous!  Lol