Saturday, April 27, 2013

Speaking of the retreat...

Yes, only 20 days!  Yesterday I made my "non-buying" shopping trip to check out costs and availability of things I'll need to buy.  Today I spent the whole afternoon putting Pickle Patch door prizes in bags and tying on ribbons and "pickle tags".  My sewing closet is full and running over.  Lots of cool prizes!   Wayne & I may make a trip to see family or they may come here between now and the retreat so I'm trying to get ahead just in case.  

I don't think I will finish my mini wholecloth before the retreat so that may be my retreat project.  It will be easy to pick up and put down.  I have my squares cut for the Crazy 9-Patch demo and will help with the Stacked Bricks if anyone needs help.  In addition to our door prizes and these 2 projects, we will have the "Guess the number of strips" contest and a drawing for a prize.

We will have a full house with 27 attending.   I'm so glad we have these retreats so we can get away and have fun doing what we enjoy so much.   QUILTERS ARE THE BEST!  

Posting comments

I just discovered that when I linked to Google + it took away our normal way to post comments.  I have fixed this and we can comment away now.   Still learning how to blog daily.

Sorry I messed that up...

Happy sewing and God bless

Just 20 more days to Retreat!!!   I'm excited. But sure need to get my stuff together....  ;)

Mini Wholecloth Cross Quilt

My daughter requested that I make a miniature "Cross" quilt for her.  After thinking about different crosses and techniques I could use (applique, patchwork, combo, etc) and thinking about different cross designs (Celtic, stained glass look, etc) I decided on a white on white wholecloth.  I combined some different quilting designs and came up with this one.   I've got a long way to go but it's taking shape.  The blue lines hide my quilting stitches so I took pics from the back and front.  I will stuff the cross, the channel design around the cross, and the feathers.  It will finish 10" X 12".   Of course the blue lines will be removed with water!