Saturday, April 27, 2013

Speaking of the retreat...

Yes, only 20 days!  Yesterday I made my "non-buying" shopping trip to check out costs and availability of things I'll need to buy.  Today I spent the whole afternoon putting Pickle Patch door prizes in bags and tying on ribbons and "pickle tags".  My sewing closet is full and running over.  Lots of cool prizes!   Wayne & I may make a trip to see family or they may come here between now and the retreat so I'm trying to get ahead just in case.  

I don't think I will finish my mini wholecloth before the retreat so that may be my retreat project.  It will be easy to pick up and put down.  I have my squares cut for the Crazy 9-Patch demo and will help with the Stacked Bricks if anyone needs help.  In addition to our door prizes and these 2 projects, we will have the "Guess the number of strips" contest and a drawing for a prize.

We will have a full house with 27 attending.   I'm so glad we have these retreats so we can get away and have fun doing what we enjoy so much.   QUILTERS ARE THE BEST!  

Posting comments

I just discovered that when I linked to Google + it took away our normal way to post comments.  I have fixed this and we can comment away now.   Still learning how to blog daily.

Sorry I messed that up...

Happy sewing and God bless

Just 20 more days to Retreat!!!   I'm excited. But sure need to get my stuff together....  ;)

Mini Wholecloth Cross Quilt

My daughter requested that I make a miniature "Cross" quilt for her.  After thinking about different crosses and techniques I could use (applique, patchwork, combo, etc) and thinking about different cross designs (Celtic, stained glass look, etc) I decided on a white on white wholecloth.  I combined some different quilting designs and came up with this one.   I've got a long way to go but it's taking shape.  The blue lines hide my quilting stitches so I took pics from the back and front.  I will stuff the cross, the channel design around the cross, and the feathers.  It will finish 10" X 12".   Of course the blue lines will be removed with water!

Friday, April 26, 2013

This is Miss Priss,  my quilting buddy. Sometimes she is more of a hindrance than a help but she is good company.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PPQ Meeting

We had a great time at quilting last night. Blocks were cut, blocks were sewn, quilts pinned together, tops finished, potholders made, g-tube protectors made and lots of show and tell.

Thanks Mary and Wilma for coming and sharing your projects with us. Now you just need to start bringing projects to work on while you are with us. ;)

Anyone in the area is welcome to join us each Tuesday night from 6:00 - 8:00.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It is Tuesday. And you know what that means!!!! Quilting tonight!

All of those interested we will meet at 6:00 - 8:00 tonight at First Baptist Church in Hatfield. Come join us for fun and fellowship and lots of cutting up and sewing. Bring your machine, hand project or just yourself and join us.

I am ready to sew something. I am so far behind in my projects. My sewing room/office is a mess from taxes. I have to get that all cleaned up so I can sew at home again. Maybe that will be my project tonight as I watch along with Bonnie Hunter on QuiltCam.

Have a wonderful and blessed day.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Busy Weekend

Friday began with my DH mowing the yard, cutting up and hauling downed limbs from the snow storm back in December all before I got home. My father-in-law had our chainsaw..same chainsaw he was using when he rolled himself up in the tree three weeks ago and ended up in ICU for two weeks he is in hospital rehab now--needless to say we have removed all his

Saturday DH finished he yard and it is beautifully manicured. It was then time for us to cut a tree down at the church it was beautiful tulip tree but it was growing into the foundation of he church and had to go. When we finished cutting the tree up and hauling all he limbs in preparation for a possible end of school bonfire for youth. Back home for lunch and more work I raked leaves in and around the dog pen and house, this has not been done at all since last spring. I also dug up dirt and laid brick to extend the porch at the doggie door. In hopes of having less dirt and mud from coming inside. I'm hoping it works.

After all that we went to Spinelli's 4th Anniversary Crawfish Boil. This is an Italian restaurant but they serve everything. They have the best steaks and Chicken Parm....

Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally Friday!

Well, I didn't think it was ever gonna get here. This has been a very long week. I know it is terrible to wish your life away and I really am not but I look forward to my work day being over. I need a break. I hope to get my office (and kitchen) cleaned up from tax stuff so I can get back to sewing. I am having withdrawals...

My little Gracie is getting stronger everyday but this cold snap has her moving slow. With both front legs having been broken. I think I jinxed her by naming her Gracie Lou Freebush.... Hopefully she will soon be on the mind. Just four more weeks of the cast. And I pray perfect healing of that leg.

At quilting last week many ladies brought projects to share. And silly me I did not take pictures. This week Sharon brought her completed Row Along top and now several of us will be making this project as well.

My day is calling and I must answer. Time to hit the shower and get busy. Have a wonderful day.


Here is the quilt.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Row-along Info

For those of you doing the Row-Along, you may have had trouble getting to the blog that has all the info and pictures. That is because I gave you the wrong blog address! You can access it at I left out the .blogspot part. That may be why you keep getting "another" site! Sorry about that.

Monday, April 15, 2013

I really am still here...

I have been absent from posting in quite some time.  There has just been so much going on in my world I have barely sewn anything. As a matter of fact last Tuesday was my first sewing in about three weeks.

Since November, I have been sick with Flu A, Flu B, Bronchitis twice, Sinus infections, Racing/Fluttering heart.

Plus my father in love had an accident while cutting a tree.  He has been in the ICU for over two weeks and was just brought "home" to the Hospital Rehab. Hopefully he will get stronger and be able to come home soon.  He ended up with broken lower left leg, left femur (this had to have surgery and a rod put in), 5 left side ribs, left shoulder blade, broken smaller pieces from two vertebrae, and broken sternum which he had to have drain tube for the blood in his chest.  And lacerations from the chainsaw hitting his left leg.      My mother in love is legally blind and requires us and friends to chauffeur her around.

And on my birthday last Saturday my yorkie and I collided and I stepped on her right leg and broke it.. It was horrible, just hanging....the local vet was out of state so we ended up going two hours away to get it looked at and a temporary splint put on.  This vet wanted $1200 to put a plate in her leg.  I took her to the local vet and she is in a cast for 5 weeks ( much cheaper). And she isn't allowed to jump.   So the dogs and I are sleeping on a twin mattress on the floor. Now let me tell you this girl is soaking up this spoiling like you wouldn't believe...  I miss my bed... Just sayin'

Well back to sewing.  Last Thursday, we had to move the date for last week, all the Ladies were busy.  We had 11 there and many had beautiful show n tell.  Like a dummy I did not take pictures... Maybe someone else did and will share... I did see a few things I plan to make very soon.    But I was able to get the rows made and pinned for my flannel carpenter star quilt top...  I plan to finish it tomorrow.    Taxes and spend some time with my daughter and grandson took priority over sewing....

Happy sewing,


Monday, April 8, 2013

Productive Weekend

This is a 51" X 51" wall hanging (top only) called "Peony Star".  I finished this top last night.  The pattern is from "Remembering Adelia" by Kathleen Tracy - published by "That Patchwork Place".

I basted my "Hunter's Star" - I believe I mentioned it in an earlier blog - this weekend.  Now it's ready to be hand quilted.  It is 80" X 92".   I am using a wool batting for the first time - made by Hobbs.   I hope I have quilting thread on hand.  If not, maybe I can pick some up when we go to the quilt show in Texarkana next Saturday.

It's less than 6 weeks until our Spring retreat and I can hardly wait!

See y'all Tuesday night.   I'll be marking diagonal sewing lines on 2 1/2" squares - boring but necessary!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Back to Square One: Month 3

Here is my completed center square for the Back To Square One mystery on Patchwork Times.