Friday, April 19, 2013

Finally Friday!

Well, I didn't think it was ever gonna get here. This has been a very long week. I know it is terrible to wish your life away and I really am not but I look forward to my work day being over. I need a break. I hope to get my office (and kitchen) cleaned up from tax stuff so I can get back to sewing. I am having withdrawals...

My little Gracie is getting stronger everyday but this cold snap has her moving slow. With both front legs having been broken. I think I jinxed her by naming her Gracie Lou Freebush.... Hopefully she will soon be on the mind. Just four more weeks of the cast. And I pray perfect healing of that leg.

At quilting last week many ladies brought projects to share. And silly me I did not take pictures. This week Sharon brought her completed Row Along top and now several of us will be making this project as well.

My day is calling and I must answer. Time to hit the shower and get busy. Have a wonderful day.


Here is the quilt.

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