Monday, July 15, 2013


Four of us Pickles went together to the Hot Springs Quilt Show on Saturday.   So many beautiful quilts were on display.  Hopefully I will remember that I need to think out of the box more often when it comes to borders.   It was an inspiring show to say the least.   We ran into a couple of other Pickles there.   Then we went to lunch (really good Mexican Food!) followed by a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby, Hancocks, and The Rocking Chair - all with fabric in mind of course.  We got side-tracked at the Dairyette in Mount Ida where I enjoyed one of the best Hot Fudge Malts ever!  All in all it was a fun filled day.   My only disappointment was that there were only a few miniature quilts displayed at the show.  

I'm still hand quilting on my Hunter's Star and have it all quilted except the borders.

Our fall retreat is less than 12 weeks away!   My Friendship Star blocks are ready to exchange with the others who signed up to participate in the exchange.  I'm looking forward to trying out the Trinity Wilderness Retreat facility to see how it works for our retreats.  Meal plans are underway and one of our Pickles has volunteered to make cinnamon rolls for Saturday morning!   My closet is already filling up with door prizes.

Don't forget about the "Guess the number of strips" contest we will have at the Sept. retreat.   If you want to participate, bring a minimum of 5 strips cut 2 1/2" X WOF in Christmas fabrics or traditional Christmas colors.   Everyone who brings strips will have a chance to guess the total number and winner takes all!

Well it's mine

Now to get a new belt and get to quilting.