Friday, November 8, 2013

Deer hunting...well not exactly.....

Last Sunday I was coming back from taking my grandson to meet his Momma, about three miles from town a big 7 point decided to cross the highway.  Yes, I got him. Did quite a bit of damage to my blazer, it liked $500 totaling it.  So now I am driving DH's truck until he gets it repaired.  Thank goodness I had full coverage.  Now if that check would show up we could get started fixing it.

We did take the deer, with a little help from sheriff deputy to load it.  And we gave it away.

When DH was getting to me on the highway, we were talking so I could tell him exactly where I was and a doe ran across in front of him.  Had he been driving any faster he would have gotten her.  Man, that would have really made for a bad day.

Be careful driving...these guys are on the prowl right now.

You know if I was going to deer hunt, I much prefer to use a gun.  Lol