Sunday, August 11, 2013

Saturday progress.. Sunday completion. Well I hope anyway..

I was able to get the five blocks completed for what will be a quilt for "Ely Owen Loyd". He should make his first appearance in November.  We are all anxious to meet him.  I have decided how I am going to lay it all out by adding a thin border to 10" blocks from a layer cake matching the print fabric to make it a 3 x 3 layout.  I also have a plan for the back. I just hope I have enough of the print fabric to get it made.  Hopefully today I will get that completed and sewn together.

However, I have to finish sewing the rows together to for second half of the diamond blocks.  I had worked so hard getting all 10 rows layer out and my doggies came to visit. And you know how they are.... any fabric on the floor they have to lay on it..  Yep they made a mess and I had to redo my layout.  But I got things pinned together so it should go faster.  I hope it does anyway.

And I have to get to my quilter and practice practice practice.

Well if I am going to get all this done today I better get started.  Have a blessed day.  


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