Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby Bricks Update

All 11 stacks are sewn and put together with the vertical sashing strips.  Now I just need to cut the borders and get them sewn in place and my "Stacked Baby Bricks" quilt top will be complete. will have to wait until we return from Christmas with family.   As usual I'll make more YoYo's while we are on the road.  I still have hope that someday I'll actually have a yoyo quilt.  I've been making YoYo's on and off for 3 years and only have to make somewhere around 200 - 300 more and I'll have enough.  Then "all I have to do" is sew them all together!   I even have 1 row of "blocks" sewn together - did that so I could see what it would look like.

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  1. Louise, can you e-mail me the instructions for the Bricks project again? I have a new computer and it wouldn't print the pages that have the instructions on it. I would like to get started with the sewing the strips together part if possible. Sharon