Sunday, December 9, 2012

Busy work

Two days of bring sick. I decided to play with a jelly roll. Here is the result. It still needs outside borders.


  1. That is a different way to do a jelly roll. I did the 3 dudes jelly roll, will post a pick when I am done with it.

  2. I added 6" to the end of each strip and ended up cutting the blocks to 16", the section at the top was all that was left over and it needed to be a little bit longer. I still need borders since it just barely covers the top of our bed. Oh and the tan fabric.....donation from Mom... Only spent $8.00 for the jelly roll... Shopping is in the future for borders.. :) Steven has claimed it for us. So I guess I better start planning the next one.

    Can't wait to see picture Sherry.