Friday, December 14, 2012

Stacked Baby Bricks

Here goes...I'm a newbie to blogging.  Angela has been kind (and patient) enough to help me get started. Yesterday afternoon I sewed 360 baby bricks into pairs of 2.  Took me 3 hours but then it only took 30 minutes more to sew 20 pair into a stack of 40 bricks.   I already had 2 stacks made and will need a total of 11 for my quilt..  The pic shows a completed Stacked "Big Bricks" along side a single stack of "Baby Bricks".  This is one of the optional projects the Pickle Patch Quilters will be working on at our Spring 2013 retreat.  The Big Bricks only contain 24 bricks per stack but I want my "Baby Bricks" quilt to be longer.


  1. I am excited to do this one too. Look at you...picture, post and everything... There's no stopping you now...😉