Sunday, January 13, 2013

Easy Street

Well it seems I cannot count. LOL

I still have the 16 blocks to sew together and I am cutting the center purple pieces... I swear I never saw that in the instructions.. Oh well, I needed a break from sitting. Also it seems I need more of the grey and white four patches. But I have decided to go with the flow and piece together as many as I can before cutting any more.

I do have to say I have been on medicines for the last month for flu, bronchitis, sinus infection and trying to keep from getting pneumonia. I am better and going to attempt to return to work tomorrow. It will be hard to go all day without the naps I have become accustom to over the last week. So any miss counting is being blamed on

I have to say I am very pleased with myself to actually get a Bonnie Hunter Mystery this far. You know me, I generally give up when I see the quantity of pieces. But this was great. I might even use the pattern to make my next quilt. Hum...... I'll have to think about that once this one is complete.

Pictures tomorrow...

Happy Sewing,


  1. The cutting of the purple squares was just one little sentence at the top of the page of the "B" block putting together. I missed it too. I did all my b blocks first since I had all the units spread out on the table. I am now putting together the a blocks.

  2. Well I found the four patches. Stupid cat.. Needs new play things besides my quilt pieces. Also I have the 16 blocks almost together. I will finish those tonight and the layout begins.... I'm so excited.

  3. hahaha I miss read a few steps as well *oops* but it's been fun following along with the rest of the folks. Look forward to seeing yours done. Ohh me to, we (hubby and I) are sneezing, coughing, bleck trying not to let it go into pnemonia - cuts back on sewing time when all ya want to do is Nap! :-)'