Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It doesn't pay to get in a rush...

One would think that I would know better after all these years but it just doesn't pay to get in a rush.  I just made a mini quilt top that looks like it could have been my first effort.  It's that bad.  I knew I wasn't taking the time to do it right and it certainly shows.  So, I'll start over and try to sew accurately next time.

I missed being with the quilting group last night.   Stormy weather got in the way.   If nothing interferes next week I plan to bring some appetizers - I'm testing the recipe for the first time and need some guinea pigs to taste test them.

Sharon's and Angela's Doodle BOM examples are pretty!   Good workmanship too.   Thanks for sharing.

I bought some stick-on stuff that's supposed to keep rotary rulers from slipping but I still like my stick-on sandpaper dots the best.  Some of mine are so old they have begun to fall off so I'm replacing them today.  Using my single hole punch I made about 200 dots last night and will stick them on the back of my rulers today using a straight pin to pick off the paper backing so the glue will stick to the rulers.  It's a little tedious but to me it's worth the time - especially when I'm making miniatures.  In a day or two I hope to begin my mini-quilt prize for the spring retreat.   Hope everyone has a productive week.


  1. Geeez Louise, hang in there. We all have days like that. I am trying to catch up on some UFO's so I can start something new.
    Enjoy this beautiful day!

  2. You know us we are all about being guinea

    And Louise it couldn't be that bad. You do such great work.

    I like the sandpaper dots as well. I will bring the ruler my mom gave me, it worked well for not slipping.

    See ya Tuesday.