Saturday, January 26, 2013

My boost of energy that arrived with the new year is paying off.  I have been organizing all the clipped articles I've been saving for years, pictures of quilts, how-to's, etc into binders.  Tuesday night I started cutting scraps and small pieces into shapes I can actually use somehow.  While going through fabric stacks I ran across some fabric I  have wanted to use in a "Cracker" baby quilt for a long time.   Yesterday I finished the Cracker Baby quilt top!   It's foundation paper pieced 6" blocks = 36 X 36.   I "found" about 7 mini-quilts that need finished - sewed the binding on one today and will finish it by hand tonight.   Oh yes, I finished quilting and binding a star mini-quilt last night.
Can't wait to get started again tomorrow!


  1. You go girl! I love this quilt. It is on my want to do someday list.

    I know I have been busy myself. I pray this energy continues throughout the year.

    And you better bring those finishes on Tuesday night....😉

  2. I love this Louise. I like pastel colors anyway and this is so pretty.