Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sewing today

I am finally in my sewing room again.  I haven't been here to sew in a couple months.  I have already my blocks for RSC13 and will post pictures soon.  For now I am pressing leaders and enders.  These are scrap 2.5 squares. Some more many less than size. I am going to make a lap quilt for my father in law who had to go into the nursing home for rehab.  He is the one who fought the tree.....tree won...  He is so lucky be even be alive. Thank GOD for sending angels to watch over him.

We are in southwest Arkansas and are being hammered again by rain.  If you think about it please pay for the Carpenter and Campora families. These two brave men fought hard to resume those trapped by flood waters.  The died HEROS in my book.   There are still missing people and more that did not survive.  Our area needs a break from all this rain and storms.     

Hubby and I are flooded in. I'll posts our creek bridge picture as well.    Last night I broke down and closed all the windows and turned the air conditioner on.   We just had to dry up some of the moisture.. My carpet felt damp.  I first thought the dog had an accident..Yuck...  Thank goodness it wasn't that.

What to cook?  I want to through something in the crockpot so I don't have to do anything...

And what is my next sewing project?

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