Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I had a good time at our Tuesday night get together last night.   This is the first time we met since before Christmas and it seemed like a really long time had passed since our last meeting.  Sharon's quilt looks even more beautiful in real.   Susan's radiant star is now quilted and it too is lovely.   Some are working on mystery blocks and of course they are going to make a great quilt - makes me wish I had participated.   Marilyn's mother (age 97) passed away last Sunday and Marilyn was getting ready to go to Colorado for the burial.  I know we all extend our sympathy to Marilyn and family.

I've started working on a miniature 1930's Butterfly quilt.   I love this pattern.  The butterflies measure about 1 1/8" X 1 1/8" including the antenna.   I'm planning to use solid yellow for sashing and set the blocks side by side and will probably include cornerstone posts.  I haven't planned the border(s) yet but have some curves in the back of my mind  -  maybe some gentle scallops or just curved corners.   Time will tell.

My wish for everyone's new year is "Time" - there's never enough of it.   If you have a good time-saver tip, please share it with us.   My tip is to set aside one day per month to cook extra and freeze in recipe size portions - Start with 5# of ground beef  & onions & tomatoes & bell pepper.  Brown beef & slightly cook veggies.  Add canned tomatoes (or sauce) and freeze in 1# portions.  Later you can thaw and add the proper seasoning for Italian, Mexican, Sloppy Joes, Beef & Beans or whatever.   The night you use it can be your designated "quilting night" or the night you have more time for family or yourself.   Next month, boil chicken and freeze in broth for future meals - Chicken spaghetti, King ranch chicken, Chicken pot pie, etc.

Looks like we may be in for another cold spell with some ice.   So please drive carefully if you have to be out and about.    P.S.  I have a small design board with black flannel.   It's nice for blocks with light backgrounds.

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  1. I love hubby thinks you are crazy for doing such small quilts. I too enjoyed our meeting last night. I'm jealous of everyone's finished quilts and tops....