Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Maybe I'm a WIMP!

I hate to miss any Tuesday night bee but I really don't want to get out in the cold tonight!  So, I'm going to be a wimp and stay home tonight.  I'm tired of cold weather but know it's part of God's seasons.   I guess I'll just work on hand quilting my butterfly mini-quilt.

I'm excited about getting new vinyl flooring in kitchen and downstairs bath.   It's scheduled to be installed on Friday.   I'll be especially glad to get rid of the old green floor in the kitchen.   Now I can go back to my blue and white with some red accents here & there.   The red will mostly come from small "Ladybug" items and a somewhat large painting of the Purinia Feed store that my daddy-in-law built and owned many years ago. My mother-in-law painted the picture using an old black & white photo of the feed store as inspiration.   Some of the blue & white will come from a few vintage dishes with bluebirds on them and some gingham valances over the 2 windows.   I love eastern bluebirds!

This weather makes me want to do nothing but quilt.   Maybe this is the day I'll get my Pink Breeze basted.

Quilting is the thread that holds us together.

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