Monday, March 24, 2014

Retreat Drawing Near

It looks like we've all been too busy (and/or sick) to do much posting of late.   But a bit of Spring has finally arrived and that should perk us up and get us going again.   Our 7th Pickle Patch Retreat is less than 6 weeks away and we are all getting excited about that.  I haven't decided what I will take to work on but  I cut my "Blue Hawaii" strips for the "Guess How Many Strips" contest just last week and have my blocks ready for the "Charming 1-Patch" drawing.  I plan to go out to the campground today and measure the workroom (again) today.  I seem to have misplaced my floor plan sketch that showed where the electrical outlets are located so must make another one.  I will arrange the tables in a slightly different layout this time and need to know for sure where the outlets are located.  I don't want to have to tape any more electrical cords to the floor than necessary.  At my age, that's not an easy task!   Thank goodness for Peggy!   She is a huge help and it's a blessing to have our hubby's support and help as well.  Last week I made my usual "pre-shopping" price check trip to WalMart so I have a pretty good estimate of what our food costs will be.  Our cook, Sheila, is on board and was okay with the meal plan.   She plans to bring some homemade jam to go with our Saturday breakfast.   I have recruited 2 volunteers to take charge of the contests.  Preparations are going well.  Annie is happy!

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