Sunday, May 5, 2013

Here are Greg M., Allison and lil Ava

We enjoyed going to hear Allison and Greg sing. Ava was such the entertainer. She danced for everyone and when people applauded for Alli and Greg, Ava would bow.. So cute.

It was good to get to meet Allison's boyfriend Jason's parents. Dorothy is a quilter too but we didn't get to visit about quilting as we were in a restaurant/bar to hear the kids sing.

We also got to see our boy Danny and his buddies.

And we got to see our girl Michele. She took our picture..

It has been a lazy day for me. I have had a headache and a sore neck all day. I did manage to cook lunch do laundry and scrub my bathroom. Had to get the hairspray off the floor... The drawback to using "got to be glued" spray.

Hopefully I can get some sewing done tomorrow.

Have a blessed day.

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