Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm stuck!

Do you ever get stuck and not know hat you want to work on.  Well that's where I am..stuck.

I try not to have too many projects going at once (my brain cant handle that and I usually do not start a new quilt until I have a person in mind to give it to.  I am attempting to make a quilt for my family this year. I have a couple that just need the borders completed but I'm having trouble deciding who is next and what quilt pattern to make for them.   And this makes it hard to get busy on the ones I have to finish.

Maybe I will get an idea and something will inspire me.

Happy Mother's Day, ladies.  Have a blessed day.



  1. It sounds to me like it's time for a "brownie break" to help clear your mind while you think it over.

  2. I wish I was more like you and then I wouldn't have all these quilts in process. I am a little overwhelmed right now. Don't enjoy all the comments about how I "get so much done" when it doesn't look like I get anything "done".